How Self Serving System Works

Load up your Card

Customer will be issued an RFID card upon once they enter the Outlet & they can get it Recharged with any Amount they wish to.Customer can Dispense any Liquor/Beer of their choice depending upon the Balance available in the Card. Our VIP Members can even dispense Liquor from their Mobile PYRAMID VIP APP


Once the RFID card is placed in the slot above the desired tap(s) or the QR Code of PYRAMID VIP APP is authenticated,the system recognizes the customer and grants access. Customer will see their available funds on the main display as well as a real-time drink meter that goes down as they pour.


No more waiting for service!Now Customers can refill any Liquor/Beer according to their Choice !No Miscommunication.Drink what you want

Most Secure

ATM Bar Payment Gateway is So Secure that every 30 Seconds new QR Codes is generated on Every Customer Pyramid VIP mobile APP Secondly whenever the Customer Scans & request for Drink,the QR Code is Scanned,Authenticated from Back End & then the Drink is dispensed.It is having 128-Bit Encryption which keeps the system Safe & Secure

Most Reliable System

ATM BAR system is one of the most reliable system present in the market.Here’s why:Purposely-built industrial-grade screens, Also,there is no dependence on Wifi. Because we don’t use consumer-grade tablets, we don’t need wifi,If Wifi goes down, our system is still strong to serve you chilled Drinks

Superior Reporting

There is a central server that stores all of the sales and allows all of the components described above to communicate with each other. Customer can get History of their usage via Email once they request (Last 6 months)







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