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  • Sunveer Sondhi
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CEO Speaks

From the desk of the CEO

Dear Readers & Guests,

Welcome to our official website.

LaPyramid Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that values commitment to quality in both product and service. We are a fast-growing business that is gaining outstanding reputation in the field of specialized hospitality.

With the launch of Café | Sky Lounge | Club | Micro Brewery under the brand “PYRAMID” we have taken it upon ourselves to lead by examples and set new industry standards. Serving our guests, a world-class experience with professional quality service that blends efficiency.

Coming from a Hard Core Liquor Trade Background & Having experience of running lounges & clubs from Last 12 years, We are a closely-held owner/operator franchisees. We understand that franchising is best way to grow this brand and make it the leading Lounge business in India and overseas. Our philosophy is to leverage the strength of proven processes and our unique culture to deliver an incredible opportunity to select franchisees. We take care in choosing franchise partners to help grow our brands in the same manner as we take care in choosing just the right ingredients for our unique menu selections. We welcome enterprising individuals and organizations who believe that they have what it takes to be a franchisee.

I hope visitors of this website would enjoy surfing and exploring an insight about our business activities, services, products, sustainability initiatives, and the values. Through this website we grab an opportunity to demonstration our commitment to transparency and open communications. Our website also creates an opportunity to the wider public interested in our activities.