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Hanging out with friends and family at a comfortable place with nice ambience and quality food & beverages is desired by everyone. The lounge and bars provide people a place to relax and chill out, and spend some time with family, friends and colleagues. People these days believe in not just living life but celebrating life to the fullest and never mind even spending few extra bucks in their celebrations. Youth has always been an early adopter of new trends in the society and the trend of lounge and bar is one of these.

La Pyramid Hospitalities, a Chandigarh based company operates the network of lounge and bar under the“Pyramid Café Lounge™”brand.

“Pyramid Café Lounge™”as a brand has already demonstrated its success potential in the last 5 years of its existence presently operates 5 lounges that includes company owned outlets and Franchised outlets.

Pyramid Café Lounge™ – “Our Business is Your Opportunity” .

Company is now aggressively planning “Pyramid Café Lounge™” expansion. The company understands that Franchising is the best possible way to expand lounge bar concept. Company is keenly looking at Tier II and Tier III cities in India as they may have a more conducive commercial environment plus the social demographics and permissibility in these cities have significantly evolved and changed in the last 10 years.

Being a franchisee of a Pyramid Café Lounge™ can prove to be a profitable break for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is also an opportunity for existing independent lounge bar operator to convert into a Pyramid franchise.

The start-up costs majorly depend on your location, bar’s capacity and the type of lounge bar you decide to start. Pyramid Café Lounge™ has three different formats:

  1. Super Luxury: This format that works on Café by day, Lounge by evening and Club by night concept.
  2. Premium: The format that works on Lounge & Bar concept with an inhouse Microbrewery, Skybar and Private party hall.
  3. Semi-Premium: A format that works on Lounge & Bar Concept with Private party hall

The biggest advantage of being a part of Pyramid Café Lounge™ franchisee network is that the franchisee gets a direct access to an already existing success story which otherwise could be difficult to create, if not impossible. Access to the company’s strengths and support in overcoming typical industry challenges like human resource attrition, menu recipe consistency, costs and controls management, inflation etc is also a great advantage to the franchisee. In addition, being a part of a common marketing network managed by the company, which is essential in operating lounge & bar business, is a valuable asset for any franchisee.”

We welcome enterprising individuals and organizations who believe that they have what it takes to be a franchisee.

Kindly read the following and submit the required information so that we can arrange a personal meeting for you with our authorized representative. In a personal meeting, we will introduce you to the brand, also learn more about your goals, we would also discuss Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) along with Timeline and Terms.

To open a Pyramid Café Lounge Franchise, you need to meet some basic requirements.

  1. Pyramid Café Lounge™ is a registered copyright and trade mark, which will be used as the Café Lounge, Restaurant, Banquet name. Pyramid Café Lounge™ will serve Vegetarian, non-vegetarian food and will have licenced liquor bar. We require a prime location with parking space. The seating capacity should be 80 plus. The restaurant areas required is 2800-3500 square feet of usable area. Additional area for storage and staff is required.
  2. The location should be in compliance with norms for acquiring licence for liquor bar as per governing local excise law. As per common norms premises should be situated at a distance of 150 meters from the main gate of a recognized school/ College/ main bus stand, a place of worship, religious organisation and a large-scale industry.
  3. A minimum of 60* kilowatts of electric connection and power backup (generator) required.
  4. Provision for 5,000* litres water storage capacity for the kitchen and 3000* litres for toilets.
  5. Provision for locating an external Gas Bank with minimum 8 cylinder capacity.
1. Design Architect

Pyramid Café Lounge™ has architects who have the experience and skills required to design a Pyramid Café Lounge™ utilizing every square foot in the most efficient manner. The architects have designed many restaurants, sky lounge including Pyramid Café Lounge™

2. Kitchen Consultant

Pyramid Café Lounge™ has very stringent requirements due to its various cuisines it serves. The team at Pyramid Café Lounge™ has been working with a kitchen consultants who understands the exact layout required for a Pyramid Café Lounge™ . They have years of experience working with restaurants across the board including several opened by Pyramid Café Lounge™

3. Provide Key Personnel

We will provide the required kitchen staff specialized in each department at the cost of the Franchisee. These personnel come with years of training and experience working in a Pyramid Café Lounge™ and understand the procedures and standards of Pyramid Café Lounge™ . They will help set standards in your franchise and help train the rest of the staff you hire.

4. Training of Staff
  1. Besides the experienced personnel provided.
  2. We will also be able to train key personnel hired by the Franchisee. We will ask the Franchisee to send key personnel as well as the manager to Pyramid Café Lounge™ , Ambala to undergo an intensive three weeks training course.
  3. We will also provide a training manual for the staff to follow. Manuals have been created for managers, waiters, kitchen staff and cleaning crew.
5. Raw Materials
  1. The most important standard to adhere by is food quality. Our Executive Chef and Franchise Manager will visit your city and help you source raw materials that will make sure there is consistency in food taste while making sure that your food cost stays low.
  2. Certain key ingredients (Indian and imported) will be provided only by us from Ambala. We want to make sure that it is easy for you to serve the same standard we serve across all Pyramid Café Lounge™ .
6. Manual-Requirements: Our team has created a manual to help you source materials and ensure a consistent standard.
7. Manual-Procedures: The team has written all Standard Operation Procedures required to operate a Pyramid Café Lounge™
8. On Going Activities
  1. Auditing and Monitoring
  2. Special festivals will be created, and Franchisees will be provided with the necessary expertise to run the festivals at their locations.
  3. Monthly promotion concepts as and when possible will be provided to boost sales.
  4. Our Executive Chef is very innovative, whenever there is some new created, will be added to your outlet as well.


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